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About Mad Viper
The concept for the Mad Viper Web Portal began as a small website dedicated to my position within Rogue Squadron, a unit within the Star Gate Command (SGC).

After that it gradually grew until I was designing multiple websites.

It then evolved into what you see now.  My personal web design business and a site for me -and any customers- to keep track of all my projects.

MadViper Web Design's current projects can be found detailed in the right-center column on the index page.

Please feel free to visit these sites and admire our handiwork.  Many frustrating hours have been put into these sites, and any compliments would just boost the ego of our designers through the roof.

Also, any smart ass comments you wish to send us will also be accepted since we are now collecting all the stupid complaints and moronic insults toward the greatness that is our designing abilities.

Any persons wishing to participate in the aforementioned complaints program will receive a rather lengthy and detailed report on their ancestry and current habits.

Also, former site designs are not tossed out with the weekly garbage, but kept and stored in our site archive section.

So far we only have four old designs, due to the fact that I recently backed up my hard drive and wiped out any useless or extra information/documents/programs/whatever I had.

Viper's Office is the precursor to the greatness that is this wonderfully designed site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little rant, I'll be sure to mail you some sort of certificate since this was a complete waste of the 10 minutes it took me to come up with it.

And yes, I am aware that this started off as a perfectly normal About... page and quickly degenerated into the total crap it is now.

Thank you,

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